Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy World Goth Day!

Every May 22, the darkly clad and those that love them celebrate all that is spooky, macabre, and  other things most people leave for Halloween (not that we don't do this daily mind you, but you know lol). There are all kinds of way one can celebrate: from just listening to music all day, to having a horror film night, from going to a club, to reading novels both old and new. Even if you're not darkly inclined, you too can mark the day by doing a bit of digging into just what this whole goth thing is all about...you just may be surprised and learn a few things! So happy WGD to one and all, please make sure you check out the website in the fun little banner you see above, and don't be afraid to come to the dark side...remember, we have cookies! ;-)
PS: from today until the 29th, dark alternative band The Death Notes are allowing folks to download their song "Ghost" for free in honor of WGD and some WGD specials by the men who made it happen...enjoy!

DJ Martin Oldgoth's Thirteen13 WGD Special 2011

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