Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I was wondering not too long ago: why does it seem to most people that if you're Pagan, you're automatically a left wing liberal? Why can't you be a conservative that just happens to also be pagan? Now mind you, I'm not really one or the other...I guess you'd call me independent or M. O. R. (and trust me when I say I really am M. O R.), but I know that there is a lot more people out there than we've been lead to believe that are. I just find it sad that if you are a conservative Pagan, people are like, "no way, that can't we be right!" And why is being Pagan itself still such a taboo in the 21st century? I mean, there's so many books, articles & the like out there to get the correct information, you'd think those that wish to make a film or TV series dealing with Paganism would actually get it pretty close so that the uninformed wouldn't freak out if their loved one came out to them. Believe me, there's still enough drama being Pagan that it would still satisfy those that crave watching it. The same thing applies to being gay...come on folks, there's enough info out there to realize it really is NO BIG DEAL! Really, it's ok if someone doesn't swing the same way you do...does it change your life one bit if Adam & Steve down the street have the neighborhood's biggest & best wedding bash? No, didn't think so. News flash: gay folk know how to throw some pretty sweet parties and think about how much more money that would pump into the economy! Thank you NY legislators for passing such a milestone law & hopefully the legislators here in CA will open their eyes & do the same soon.  Anyway, guess that's my rant of the day...hopefully it didn't turn too many stomachs:)

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