Friday, October 21, 2011

The 1960s

It's decade spotlight time again, this time probably one of the best eras of the last century: the 1960s! And where do we even begin? Pillbox hats and sheaths, mods and hippies. Camelot and Jackie. The first man on the moon, the civil rights movement carried on and became more militant at decades end bringing us the Black Panthers. Student and anti-war protests, and the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King Jr. Musically, this is the era where things got more splintered: folk, psych, and acid covered the rock end, and as the decade progressed, it also became more politically aware. Motown, bubblegum, girl groups, and country satiated the Am palette. Then there was a little group called The Beatles that straddled the whole thing like some sort of deity. Art went pop and technicolor:

"Tune in, Turn On, and Drop Out" became the mantra of the emerging counterculture, as did smoking large quantities of pot, dropping acid, and many other assorted drugs as a way to "enlighten" oneself. During the "Summer of Love", Haight Ashbury in San Francisco became mecca for dozens of "flower children" then, just as quickly, most returned home and it disintegrated. Vietnam tore the country apart. And while the decade changed us forever, we remained strong and didn't break. Stranger days lay ahead however...Any thoughts or fave books about the 60s? Please share in the comments section!

And now, some of my fave era inspired Barbies:

Spring Break 1961 Barbie & Ken

Groovy 60s Barbie

A Nod For Mod

Mod Redux Barbie

Pop Life Barbie & Friends

Pop Life Ken

That's all for this week folks! Next up, the 1970s!

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