Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Joys of Fall

Ah October, How I love you...yes folks, it's this girl's favorite time of year: autumn/fall. The heat's dying down, the summer crowds have gone back home and Halloween is a mere 29 days away. Disneyland's put up the annual Haunted Mansion Holiday (which runs 'til Jan.), which also means it's time to do my annual viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas as well as listening to the soundtrack. I'm also a bit more busy watching new seasons of TV shows (besides Pan Am, The  Playboy Club, and The X Factor, the new season of Hung premieres tonight on HBO and I've been sucked in again to Dancing With the Stars. There's also a new one on the WB I've been trying to catch, The Secret Circle. Then, of course, there's SNL). Hopefully at the end of the month I can pick up a few things that say "fall" to me from wherever I can get them without spending too much (something I plan on doing for all 4 seasons). Only thing I'm torn on: the days are getting shorter (love the night, but hate that it leaves less time to do things outdoors). What's your fave fall tradition(s)? What thing or things say fall to you? Feel free to share all things fall below!

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