Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Joys of Vintage Shopping

I LOVE vintage clothes shopping. In fact, if I won the lotto, that's one of the first things I would do. Raid as many vintage shops as I could lol. For me (and those like me), there's nothing that can quite compare to finding that top, skirt, dress, pair of pants, or the ultimate find, shoes that not only fit, but are just so you and go great with plenty of stuff you already have. My love of clothes of the past goes so far that even retro stuff will do and if I'm at let's say Target, Wal Mart, ect., I will check to see if they have anything before I leave. My preferred era is the '60s... whether it's something straight out of Mad Men, Austin Powers, or Hair, I love it all. Lately though, I've been branching out a bit into the flare jean, vintage/retro tee, cowboy boot wearing part of the '70s. I even bought a pair of wedge sandals and patchwork pair of I guess you could call them platform boots I found at a Goodwill. Not something I would ordinarily do (I'm very much a flat shoe person) but nonetheless, there you go. We women can do some pretty crazy you know what when it comes to fashion. Even a very brief glimpse into fashion history can tell you that. I'm also not opposed to things from the '20s to the '50s. Back when women used to dress up to the nines just to go to the store. Sigh...there's just something about those years that was so classy and elegant. Now those were the days lol. Anyway, case in point, my last get was these beauties from Old Navy. I'm still hoping to get one of the lighter pairs. Best idea those folks ever had. THANK YOU Old Navy! Now if only Target would roll out the cool tees like they used to...To help with my everlasting quest to find the next awesome thing, I have the following books. they're all good and I recommend any of them to get you started:

Then there's this one by the costume designer for Mad Men...how could I resist?

And if you want to take the whole retro thing a bit further, some hair and make up books I found:

Now it's your turn: are you a vintage/retro clothes addict too? What's your fave store and/or old school find? Any links or stories to share? Please do, and happy hunting!

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