Friday, March 16, 2012

New Thing I'm in Love With: Dr. Martens Polina Shoe

The gods know how much I adore clothes...especially shoes. To me, nothing quite pulls an outfit together like an awesome pair of footwear. Yep, I'm a self proclaimed shoe ho lol, and one of my absolute faves is Dr. Martens. Trolling their site not to long ago, I came across a shoe called the Polina

and immediately began to get the vapors...the reason? These two pieces of clothing I already own:

Well, them, and the fact that the two sides of me, the alternative and retro, came together (and beautifully) in one shoe. Instant Nirvana. They also come in soft grey and porcelain and rasberry, off white and blueberry but I like the first ones best. Ah, there's nothing to compare with that feeling of OMGDS that would go SO perfect with that! I just live for those moments. I hope to be making a purchase (and to have that sweet sensation again) soon!
Update: another pair of lovelies to add to the above from T.U.K. shoes!

In yet more shoe love, another pair from T.U.K. I highly covet:

Why? Because of this shirt I own by Tripp;

Sigh, why do I always find things I love in bunches (and usually expensive) when I'm broke lol? It's a vicious cycle I tell you! :-p

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