Thursday, May 3, 2012

Earworm of the Day: Fave TV Theme Songs Pt. 1

Yes, part one...I'm sure I'll add more at various times as we go along lol. For now though, a few classic theme songs from some cartoons I used to watch as often as possible as a kid. For those who may not remember, back in the early '90s there was a two hour block of cartoons given the catch-all of The Disney Afternoon that aired every weekday at 3 pm. As a 9/10 year old, I was absolutely obsessed with making sure I was home after school in tie to watch them...especially Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers....if I missed them, there was no appeasing me. The line up changed a bit during it's run (Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop being two famous later additions, but those are two stories for another day), but the spirit remained the same, at least for awhile, and was always enjoyable. For some reason (don't ask why) my mind took a time trip (as it usually does) and thought about the shows as well as their catchy theme songs. Here now are the four original show's themes for your enjoyment in the order I remember them airing no less...why? Because I can! ;-)

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