Friday, June 22, 2012

Hail Britannia!

With Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics being held in London, this year seems to be the year of all things British. Well, being the Anglophile that I am, you certainly won't be hearing any complaints from me lol...instead, I offer you some things to help celebrate should you be so inclined. Enjoy!

Princess of England
Elizabethan Queen
Queen Elizabeth 1
Royal UK
Royal Wedding
Classic English Characters:
Arthur & Guinevere
Merlin & Morgan Le Fay
Alice in Wonerland
The Queen of Hearts
The Mad Hatter
Kelly & Tommy as Alice & The Mad Hatter
The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1998 and 2001
Mary Poppins
Jane and Michael
Eliza Doolittle: Flower Girl
Eliza Doolittle: At Ascot
Eliza Doolittle: at the Embassy Ball
Eliza Doolittle: Her Closing Scene
Professor Henry Higgins
James Bond 007
Barbie Loves Bond Collection
Big Ben
Autumn in London
United Kingdom
Fashion Model Collection:
Day at the Races
Highland Fling
High Tea and Savories
Lady of the Manor
Pretty Pleats
Tweed Indeed
High Stepping (fashion)
True Brit (accessory)
And a tip of the hat to their neighbor to the north:
Scottish 1981
Scottish 1991
Scotland 2009

AccuRadio: Beatles Plus station listings
AccuRadio: British Invasion, ect.
AccuRadio: Brit Rock listings
AOL Radio: British Invasion
AOL Radio: Britpop
Live 365: British Invasion station listings
Live 365: Britpop station listings
Tune UK radio stations
From ITunes Essentials:
British Blues
British Folk
British Invasion
UK Soul Divas

BBC America
Official website of the British Monarchy
Taylors of Harrogate and Twinings: two of my fave tea brands
Earth Cam: Abbey Road crossing, London

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