Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dark Shadows

The legendary Tim Burton strikes again, this time taking on the cult classic of the 60s/70s. For those who may not know the story, cast regular Johnny Depp stars as Barnabus Collins, an 18th century fishing scion who unknowingly spurns the wrong woman: a witch named Angelique (played by Eva Green) when he becomes betrothed to his "true love" causing her to kill his parents, the fiance, and turns Barnabus into a vampire. She then turns the town named after his family against him and they bury him in a chained coffin. Fast forward 200 years... it's 1972, and Barnabus is dug up by some unwitting construction workers. He makes his way back to his old home and discovers that not only is it being lived in by family descendants, but his old nemesis, having made herself more or less immortal like him, is alive and well, and ready to battle for control over the town she has bought out, and for Barnabus's love (which he still refuses her). I found the film to be better than expected, and thought it a bit of a step up from Burton's last film, Alice in Wonderland...the cheesy schlock of the '70s and the macabre, horror, and supernatural aren't something you would think would mix well, but to me he manages to walk that fine line as well as can be expected, and while there's definitely some rather cheesy moments, the infamous Burton bite remains intact. It made for fun viewing, and I want to see the original show now! I give Dark Shadows 3 out of 5 stars.
Ps: should you be musically inspired after viewing, click  this and revel in 1972 hits bliss! :-p
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