Friday, September 9, 2011


A new addition I'd like to add to this here blog is a little thing I'm calling "Decade Spotlight Series" where, just for fun, I give a little love for a particular decade from the 20th century in the good ol' U S of A...because I've found something I like in each of them, and think it's a nice switch-up as I tend to dedicate earlier eras to Europe. This week it's 1900-1910, or "the Edwardian Age". This decade  is known for ragtime, barbershop quartets, and dixieland of course, as well as art nouveau posters such as this for example:

(another one of my favorite things btw? Absinthe lol). It was also known for medical and technological advances. Although Queen Victoria died in 1901, a lot of Victorian customs still held sway and carried over into the new decade. Then there was the Gibson girl who set the model for hair and fashion:

Barbie as the Gibson Girl

Le Belle Epoque Barbie

Well, that's it for now folks. Next week, 1910-1920!

Music Links:
Live 365 Barbershop station listings
And listen to The Cylinder Hour Tue-Sat at midnight Eastern time, and The Pre Big Band Era Mon-Sat 4-6 AM Eastern time on The 1920's Radio Network
Dixieland Jazz and Ragtime by ITunes Essentials

Should you prefer them all in one book:

For the guys:

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